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9455920 Anchorage, AK

NOTICE: In February 2009, CO-OPS determined that there was an error in the verified water level data produced from the Anchorage NWLON station (ID 9455920). The dates of the affected data were from May 10, 2007 to Feb. 22, 2009 and caused the verified water levels to be between 0 cm and 22 cm higher than they actually were, depending upon stage of tide and month. The data has since been reprocessed, reviewed and determined to be accurate for the above time period. All users who have downloaded verified 6 minute water level data, hourly values, high/low or monthly means products for the period between May 2007 to February 2009 prior to February 24, 2009 are requested to redownload the data and/or products. If you have further questions please contact CO-OPS by sending an email to and we will reply within one business day.

9455920 Anchorage, AK water level/meterological data plot

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